Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Proper Analogy

It is difficult to find the proper analogy, working at many levels, to describe where HRC currently finds herself. Additional wins seem to help but actually hurt if they aren't big enough because of the time they eat up.

How about this analogy:
HRC is down 100-90 with 1 minute to go in the basketball game. Most of the game has already been played and she is down only 5% of the total score but it is damn hard to net 10 points in one minute of basketball. It is hard enough to score 10 points yourself, but you also have to keep your opponent from scoring. She just won PA which makes her down 9 points. If she loses NC and Indiana, she will be down 13 points, but, the worst part: instead of a minute left, she will be down 13 points with 25 seconds or so.

Does this work to explain why she can win and still have her situation worsen?


At 4/25/2008 , Anonymous Jake said...

I like that a lot, well said.

At 5/04/2008 , Anonymous Barry said...

But she's close or slightly ahead on the popular. The better analogy may be to a soccer game where regulation time has run out and you are playing in extra time, and don't know how much is left.

But if you insist on basketball analogies, I once saw the old Celtics, 7 point behind against the Bulls with 8 seconds to go, score 9 points, to win. In those days you didn't bet against the Celtics. It wasn't profitable.
I don't think that it would be profitable to bet against HRC. She may not win, but then she just might bring it off.

At 5/15/2008 , Blogger BZ said...

But she's close or slightly ahead on the popular.

She's also ahead of Obama in the alphabet. But that's not how the nomination is decided.

At 5/15/2008 , Blogger BZ said...

Furthermore, this post talks about why the Clinton campaign's popular vote claim doesn't work even as a moral argument.


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